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Find COVID-19 / coronavirus tax relief resources including the July 15 deadline for payments and filing and links to other resources, continually updated

May 20, 2020

Editor’s note: This page will be updated as new information is available. Last updated 5/27/2020 at 4:00 pm (CST). 

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 prompted tax relief provisions including the extended deadline and other health-related tax benefit relief.

For information, news, and updates about what H&R Block is doing during this time, please visit the Coronavirus Tax Impact page in the Tax Information Center.

For other information about the COVID-19 virus, people should visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for health information.

The Tax Institute's Insights

IRS News Releases

  • IR-2020-92, Act by May 13 for chance to get quicker EIP; timeline for payments continues to accelerate
  • IR-2020-86, VA, SSI recipients with eligible children need to act by May 5 to quickly add money to their automatic Economic Impact Payment; ‘Plus $500 Push’ continues
  • IR-2020-77, IRS announce cross-border tax guidance related to travel disruptions arising from the COVID-19 emergency
  • IR-2020-76, SSA, RRB recipients with eligible children need to act by 4/22; IRS asks for help in the “Plus $500 Push”
  • IR-2020-69, Treasury, IRS launch new tool to help non-filers register for Economic Impact Payments
  • IR-2020-68, IRS urges taxpayers to use electronic options; outlines online assistance
  • IR-2020-67, IRS provides guidance under the CARES Act to taxpayers with net operating losses
  • IR-2020-66, To help taxpayers, the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service announced today that Notice 2020-23 extends additional key tax deadlines for individuals and businesses
  • Treasury News Release: Social Security Recipients Will Automatically Receive Economic Impact Payments
  • IR-2020-65, Follow IRS on social media, sign up for e-news subscriptions for urgent updates on COVID-19, scams and economic impact payment information
  • IR-2020-64, IRS issues warning about Coronavirus-related scams; watch out for schemes tied to economic impact payments
  • IR-2020-62, IRS: Employee Retention Credit available for many businesses financially impacted by COVID-19
  • IR-2020-61, Economic Impact Payments: What you need to know (Stimulus Payment Check Information)
  • IR-2020-59, IRS unveils new People First Initiative; COVID-19 effort temporarily adjusts, suspends key compliance program
  • IR-2020-58, Tax Day now July 15: Treasury, IRS extend filing deadline and federal tax payments regardless of amount owed
  • IR-2020-57, Treasury, IRS and Labor announce plan to implement Coronavirus-related paid leave for workers and tax credits for small and midsize businesses to swiftly recover the cost of providing Coronavirus-related leave
  • IR-2020-54, High-deductible health plans can cover coronavirus costs

IRS Guidance

  • Revenue Procedure 2020-30, Certain activities not taken into account for Form 8858 as a result of travel restrictions
  • Revenue Procedure 2020-28, Procedures for individuals who are not required to file income tax returns to receive Economic Impact Payment
    Revenue Procedure 2020-27, Relief related to foreign earned income exclusion, Sec. 911
  • Revenue Procedure 2020-24, Examination of returns and claims for refund, credit, or abatement; determination of correct tax liability
  • Revenue Procedure 2020-23, Allows an eligible partnership to file an amended Form 1065 and furnish a corresponding Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) to each of its partners as an alternative option to filing an Administrative Adjustment Request
  • Revenue Procedure 2020-22, Tax relief regarding business interest expense deduction
  • Notice 2020-32, Deductibility for Federal income tax purposes of certain otherwise deductible expenses incurred in a taxpayer’s trade or business when the taxpayer receives a loan (covered loan) pursuant to the Paycheck Protection Program under section 7(a)(36) of the Small Business Act (15 U.S.C. 636(a)(36))
  • Notice 2020-26, Net Operating Loss, Extension of Time to File Application for Tentative Carryback Adjustment
  • Notice 2020-23, Update to Notice 2020-18, Additional Relief for Taxpayers Affected by Ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic
  • Notice 2020-22,  Relief from Penalty for Failure to Deposit Employment Taxes
  • Notice 2020-21, Employer tax credits effective dates for leave paid related to COVID-19
  • Revenue Procedure 2020-20, Relief for nonresidents affected by COVID-19 travel disruptions
  • Notice 2020-18, Tax filing deadline relief related to COVID-19
  • Notice 2020-17, Tax payment deadline relief related to COVID-19
  • Notice 2020-15, High deductible health plans and expenses related to COVID-19

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